The People With Esther


Jovanka Beckles
Former Richmond City Councilmember
It's time for new, community-oriented leadership. Esther has the grit to get it done
Jessica Tovar
Environmental Justice Organizer
Esther will bring much-needed transparency to the Alameda County budgeting process. She has an impressive leadership record working for environmental and economic justice.
Gabrielle Sloane Law
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther is a committed activist in our community. I trust her to work hard for District 4 and fight for socioeconomic, racial and environmental justice for children and families!!!
Jamila Johnson-Phillips
El Cerrito Resident
Esther has the drive, compassion, and lived experience to bring real change, energy, and accountable leadership to this seat. Our district cannot afford another 4 years of neglect, divestment, and false promises.
Allyssa Victory
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I support Esther because of her commitment to her community and incarcerated loved ones. She is an example of walking the walk and leading, boldly with love.
Ernesto Arevalo
Oakland Resident
Esther is a real resident & champion for THE PEOPLE. She is an environmental activist with boots on the ground, experiencing first-hand the injustices/inequities handed down to local residents. I believe she is well positioned to advocate for those most impacted while keeping a focus on safe, sustainable, community-led development.
RyanNicole Austin
District 4 Resident, Oakland
She will take care of the communities she will serve. We need a change.
Susan Goolsby
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther’s work as a long time community advocate and activist and her environmental justice work show that she had the experience and community connections necessary to make the positive changes we need!
Margie Lewis
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I know her as an Activist and Community member who cares deeply for our community
Anita Wills
District 4 Resident, San Leandro
I support Ester Goolsby because I believe she can help our community a better more efficient place to live.
Brittany Hands
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Donna Lytle
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Because it's time for change and a fresh perspective.
Midalia Lebron
District 4 Resident, Ashland
I support Esther Goolsby for Alameda County Supervisor because I have seen her deep commitment to social, economic, racial and environmental justice. She has integrity, a clear moral compass, and would be accountable to ALL the residents of Alameda County, especially Black, brown, Indigenous, immigrant, houseless, disabled, youth, elders, incarcerated / formerly incarcerated people and low-income people of color.
Colin Miller
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I believe Esther is the change we need for our communities to thrive.
Betty McKay
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I support Esther Goolsby for Alameda County Supervisor because she’s passionate, ambitious and driven to help improve the overall functionality throughout Alameda County.
Terryon Cross
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Carlette Keeles
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Because Esther is a fierce trusted advocate for our communities.
Keshia Rhinehart
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther is a leader on the rise. She is a fierce advocate for the health of our people. She knows first hand what it is like to struggle with the challenges that District 4 faces, and she is ready to work hard to address them.
Jahmese Myres
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Yes, it’s good to see the next generation of leaders picking up the mantel-and running with it!
Cheryl Fabio
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Ester's connection to community shows her dedication to the people of District 4. Her work for equity and justice proves she has will carry her strong leadership, deep knowledge of policy, and righteous ethics is just what we need.
Dolores Tejada
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther understands the struggles associated with the people of color and will provide changes to improve our communities.
Cindy Ibarra
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I believe in Esther because she NEVER give up in her community
Elva Palacios
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther takes seriously her devotion to the communities most impacted by violence- political, environmental, and economic. Esther has committed her work to advocating for equity for our most vulnerable and I believe will continue to do so!
Jesse Turner
District 4 Resident, Oakland
Esther is kind, compassionate and speaks truth to power. She will take care of all people, especially the most vulnerables among us.
Angie Tam
District 4 Resident, Oakland
I believe Esther's knowledge, dedication and genuine intentions to transform our communities are key to this call for country supervisor. She is tireless in her efforts to listen, to research, to initiate dialogue and to identify the solutions that are most appropriate and equitable.
Lesbhia Morones
District 4 Resident, Hayward
Esther has been organizing for environmental justice for decades. She will fight to bring REAL change for Oakland black and brown families; build sustainable healthy communities led by people and not toxic industries. When Esther speaks, she speaks power to the truth. We ALL need clean air, clean water- and Esther Goolsby as District 4’s next Board of Supervisor.
Alissa Meleyco
Oakland Resident
She is fully engaged in the community and sees the change that needs to happen.
Iris M. Crawford
San Francisco Resident
I’ve seen Esther’s passion and effectiveness as a community organizer who’s skilled at understanding the power structure and what’s needed to make change. That plus her devotion and accountability to the community will make her a strong force for good.
Lisa Danz
Fremont Resident
I seen her leadership and I’ve worked with her on a few projects that were of concern to us as women who make a difference in our surroundings
Khadijah Shabazz
Sylmar Resident
Esther is all about people and social justice and equality. I would love to support her kind of energy and morals in our community
Alyssa Perry
Antioch Resident
Natasha Terry
Pittsburg Resident
Esther is for real change that is for the people
Catalina Palacios
Oakland Resident
I support Esther because She’s very compassionate, very detailed oriented & She has aGREAT Love for the ppl & the ppl Love her as well
Alice Coleman
Los Angeles Resident
If one person suffers in the community, we all do. There is no better voice to represent the community most vulnerable than Esther!
Crystal Huang
Berkeley Resident
Because she is passionate about aiding in the betterment of her community.
Chantess Goncalves
Sacramento Resident
Esther is an incredible leader and voice for women, social justice, and community. She has the integrity we need in public office.
Gina Clayton-Johnson
Altadena Resident
Esther, is a great community organizer who stands for equality, human rights and beliefs for a better City a Better County n a Place Where We Can All Breathe Easy!
Monica Samuel
Solano Resident
I believe that Esther is very concerned about the people. She wants to see the necessary changes done in our community that needs to happen.
Marie Levin
Oakland Resident
Because she’s for the people and I love her energy
Alisia Brown
Berkeley Resident
Esther understands the struggles associated with the people of color and will provide changes to improve our communities.
Nakia Woods
Richmond Resident
Esther’s commitment to the community is love and admirable! She’s an amazing person and reaches out to figure out the root causes to community issues!
Fina Duran
Suisun Resident
We need more people running for office that are rooted in community and understand the impacts of environmental racism, and who have a vision for the future. Esther has this, and more. I know that she’ll make an incredibly county supervisor.
Melissa Romero
Sacramento Resident
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