Media Coverage

McClymonds High School, Black History Month, Environmental Racism: We’ve been here before. February 28, 2020 by Esther Goolsby. 

The Stink in East Oakland. October 29, 2019 by Jean Tepperman. “A foundry once identified as Alameda County’s second largest emitter of toxic air pollution faces renewed calls to clean up its act.”

Rooted or Uprooted in Oakland? Community Demands Any New Ballpark Must Deliver Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, and a Clean Environment. October 2, 2019 by Esther Goolsby. “Community Demands Any New Ballpark Must Deliver Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, and a Clean Environment”

Community Reacts to Proposed Wave of School Closures. January 3, 2019 by Ken Epstein. “The announcement that the Oakland Unified School District is planning to close up to 24 schools in the next few years, starting with Roots International Academy in East Oakland in June, is stirring concern throughout the city.”

Town Hall Meeting in East Oakland Demands Environmental Justice. September 8, 2018 by Oakland Post. “The East Oakland Congress of Neighborhoods holds a Town Hall meeting Aug. 29 at Allen Temple Baptist Church to  build community power to fight the toxic effects of air pollution in East Oakland.”

The Return of the Crematorium. November 15, 2017 by Jean Tepperman. “Overburdened with air pollution, East Oakland residents and activists thought they had blocked a crematorium from opening in 2012. But it quietly began operations a few months ago.”

Congress of Neighborhoods Seeks Community Power in East Oakland Flatlands. October 10, 2017 by Oakland Post. “Esther Goolsby of Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) spoke last Saturday at the first Congress of East Oakland Neighborhoods.

Opinion: Make environmental justice key to Oakland planning. November 15, 2017 by Ernesto Arevalo and Esther Goolsby. “A new law, the “Planning for Healthy Communities Act” (SB 1000), requires cities to consider an Environmental Justice Element in their general plans. To assist in the implementation, the California Environmental Justice Alliance and Place Works Inc. have released a new toolkit that showcases best practices and strategies for successful community engagement.”

Council approves new negotiating agreement for Oakland Coliseum. March 20, 2015 by Bay City News. “The Oakland City Council voted unanimously today to approve a new exclusive negotiating agreement for a massive project at the Oakland Coliseum complex that would include Alameda County as well as a development team that wants to build a new football stadium.”

Hear Here: Seeking a higher education. May 15, 2013, interview with Esther Goolsby. “Esther Goolsby is from East Oakland, and she is one of the people Carl Rist’s program might have helped if it were around back in the 90s. She was living in East Oakland, and at age 16 was already a mom. She told our community storytelling project, Hear Here, about the path she took to a college degree.”