Vote Esther Goolsby for District 4 County Supervisor

Mark your calendars for March 3, 2020

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Esther's Platform

Community & Government Relation

Accessibility, Transparency & Collaboration

The only way the government within the County can change is for there to be new energy, ideas, policies, improvement in oversight and existing procedures and renewed collaborative practices. Alameda County is booming with rapid development, driven by a rise in tech innovation, investments and venture capitalism, at a time where equitable development is becoming increasingly less possible public properties and facilities which are not benefiting the constituents of the county.

Climate Change, Resiliency & Emergency Preparedness

Equitable Plans with City & Unincorporated Communities Designing & Implementing

To properly and safely deal with rapid development of climate chaos, reducing local pollution with dedicated efforts to decreasing emissions from large stationary sources of pollution,developing an equitable plan for climate-resiliency. Creating a better living environment and society for all requires compassion, dedication, and a hunger for wanting to see and experience a positive change for all people, especially those who have been historically disadvantaged. Being committed because I breathe it, live and I feel it.

Housing & Homelessness

Equitable & Truly Affordable Development, Prioritizing the Houseless

Since rent control has passed statewide, I will help to ensure protections to sustain and close any loopholes that enable landlords to raise the rent. I seek to prioritize building multi- family unit housing and apartments to keep up with our rising population and also ensure that we have protections in place for Alameda County natives to be able to move back to the cities they are from. With the rise in technology, and corporate entities, there are more and more luxury apartments and market rate housing being developed. No to more data, we have the data we must have actions.